MaCu & VJ SPROED live @ Moozak Festival 9. Sept. 2011

MaCu & VJ SPROED live @ Moozak Festival 9. Sept. 2011 from MaCu on Vimeo.The first MOOZAK FESTIVAL on September 9th and 10th, 2011 offered a carefully curated profile of contemporary dynamics in the fields of experimental audio-, video- and installation art. Special concert performances and installations that interact with the characteristics of the venue make sure that multiple sensual layers will be touched. The scope of events within the MOOZAK FESTIVAL spreads from audio-visual live compositions, improvisational concerts and the scoring of silent films to an exhibition space filled with installation art. At the gateways between media related art beautiful synergies arise. The visitors were invited to emerge in an immersive environment, which enfolds their senses and leads them to new ways of perception.
This is an excerpt of my performance with the fantastic visual artist VJ SPROED.



22. February 2012 by MaCu
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